Friday, August 27, 2010

maximizing the potential of others

Today I'd like to discuss a concept that many people fail to grasp and implement to its fulll potential.

Of course every leader in an organization seeks to maximize the potential of others, but consider the following caveats.

If you are not a leader, finding ways to maximize the potential of others (henceforth abbreviated as mtpo) is one of the best ways you can convince your leaders that you should be a leader, too.

What follows is one of my favourite and most proven strategies:

When attempting to mtpo seek out only those individuals in your workplace who are at or below your rank. Then, single out individuals who are quiet but seem intelligent. Befriend them and draw them out of their shell. Often, these people will have many good ideas for improving the workplace, and/or will have many pent-up jokes.

You can help the person(s) by taking what they say and passing it on to your leader. Remember, never tell your supervisor where you got the information! Doing so would be a breach of trust with those you are trying to mtpo. If they wanted the supervisor to hear their ideas or jokes, they would have told the supervisor themselves.


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