Saturday, August 28, 2010

dress for success

Popular wisdom states that one whould dress for the job he wants. That's hard to do when the job you <i> have </h>  precludes you from doing so due to lack of funds.

With this in mind I've come up with a few ways for poor suckers like you to fool real people into giving you a better job.

check out this suit

And i think these shoes would match nicely.

perry ellis is a solid company, and pin stripes will help slim you down. At 93 dollars, I'm your could afford one of these with only two or three month's compensation from your current occupation. Don't forget to always grasp the opening of your jacket with the left hand.

If you are a woman firt let me tell you that I am sincerely sorry for your misfortune.

You may not be able to change the fact that you're a woman (at least not until after you're making serious cash!) but in the meantime try adding on of these hats to whatever you're already wearing. You'll find that these hats are like blue jeans, they go with anything!

And why not add these fun yet professional John Deere Fux cowboy boot style rain  galoshes?

Well, there you have it! Sound fashion advice for a sound career. That's about all the total makeover blog edition i can msuter for now.

ciao and sincerely yours,

Mr. Success


  1. Those are some amazing styles! I think it would help a woman stand out and fit in all at the same time. That's a hard trick to pull off. ;)

  2. lol........are those gators? the shoes......also